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Leaux Vi

the brand

"Let the Vision speak for itself"

Leaux Vi is a creative hub for all things branding. We produce content for fashion, beauty, and wellness brands.

Our marketing and branding strategies support business growth by positively influencing the brand's overall productivity and cohesion to increase sales and profitability. We approach every assignment with an open mind with the goal of producing the best and most advantageous outcomes.

We offer the following: Brand Auditing, Creative Direction, Content Creation, Consulting/Strategy, Photo/Video Shoot Planning, Copywriting


Lauryn Victoria

the muse

Lauryn Victoria was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas. Art, fashion, and creativity has filled her life since she was young. Although growing up reserved, being creative is where she has been able to open up and seize every opportunity. Lauryn's ultimate objective is to empower people through her voice and platform to follow their dreams and to feel secure and confident in their own passions. 

Before graduating from the University of Houston in 2021, Lauryn started modeling as a side endeavor while earning her degree by working with numerous photographers and designers in Texas. With the help of the portfolio she developed, she was given the chance to work with well-respected Houston designer, Alan Gonzales, as he debuted his 2023 collection on the day-time show, Houston Life. She also utilizes her creativity and passion for bringing visual ideas to life as a freelance Branding Specialist for fashion and beauty brands through modeling, photoshoot planning, branding mockups, and social media content creation which has led her to being featured in several e-commerce sites. 

Our Clients

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