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Marketing Portfolio


Fashion Entrepreneurs of Houston

     ⁃    Created a visual and written media kit of the company’s initiative to have a concise brand strategy and approach to social media

    ⁃    Created educational posts on social media that align with the company’s mission to educate, collaborate, and create exposure 

    ⁃    Created reels showcasing various entrepreneurs’ products & services

    ⁃    Posted members of the month and various awards to honor members hard work & accomplishments 

    ⁃    Plan, schedule & posted monthly meetings via in-person or zoom to provide a platform for education or a hub for entrepreneurs to meet and collaborate 

    ⁃    Created highlights to emphasize the company’s mission as well as offer a quick and easy way to obtain information

Hemp Houston

    ⁃    Posted on Instagram every Thursday at 4:20 pm 

    ⁃    Created an optimizable page with easy to understand who the company is, what does the company specialize in, and how to get in contact with the company for any questions, comments, or concerns

    ⁃    Created social media post educating the audience on the company’s initiative

    ⁃    Created a call to action under each post to direct the audience to the company’s website

    ⁃    Reached out to individuals via social media regarding interest in working with the company on various projects

    ⁃    Messaged peers in the industry for potential collaborations with the company

    ⁃    Responded to comments and replies within the first hour of posting to optimize exposure via Instagram’s algorithms

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