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Behind The Camera

Marketing Portfolio

We offer the following: Creative Direction, Content Creation, Consulting/Strategy, Photo/Video Shoot Planning, Copywriting


With the help of our past experiences from being in front of the camera and other creative projects, we are fully hands-on when it comes to being behind the camera and behind the scenes. From brainstorming ideas and creating visuals to planning and directing the execution of a project to answering how to market to a specific audience; we are active every step of the way.

Brand Style: Luxurious, Rebellious, Confident


K'ssentials is a dedicated organic self-care company. Our foremost objective was to craft a brand identity harmonizing with the personal essence and rebellious spirit of the owner, K'Rishina, and the pristine aesthetics synonymous with the skincare industry. This project brought together dynamic photoshoots, a thoughtful packaging overhaul, and a concerted focus to create a synergy between the brand and its purpose. Throughout this journey, we were driven by one overarching goal: empowering individuals to build confidence in their own skin.

Services Provided: Creative Direction, Content Creation, Consultation/Strategy, Photo/Video Shoot Planning
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