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Composite Cards

If you are a new model or just getting started, you may have received queries from casting directors or clients asking for your comp card. A composite card, also known as a comp card, is essentially the same thing as a business card. It includes fundamental details such as your name, measurements, and contact information. A comp card is used to make it easier for casting directors or clients to remember who you are and how to contact you should you land the job. A comp card could be considered a marketing tool as it showcases your best work.

A comp card is typically 5.5” x 8.5” in size and usually printed double-sided. There are several variations of comp cards, but the most common variation has your headshot printed on the front side and three to four pictures on the back side that exhibit your entire figure. This includes a full-body picture, an upper-body picture, and a 3/4th picture.

As fashion week is fast approaching, it is crucial to have your comp card! Click the link here to download my template and customize your own card. Happy Modeling!

Love & Light,

Lauryn Victoria

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