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Who is Leaux Vi

My name is Lauryn Victoria, also known as its shortened version, Leaux Vi. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas. Art, fashion, and overall creativity has filled my life since I was young. From participating in art competitions in elementary school, to having my artwork hung up at my alma mater high school, to participating in fashion shows throughout college and recently setting up my own photoshoots in my room with just household items.

When I was about 5 or 6, I remember walking around Payless with my mom and I picked out the highest, most flashy heels I could find. I put them on and told my mom I could walk in them. She quickly urged me to take them off before I broke an ankle but of course I just turned away and strutted down the isle. No wiggling, no wobbling, just pure confidence. I felt powerful and most of all comfortable. Every time I step on the runway, pick up a paintbrush, or express my creativity; the reserved little girl inside disappears and my alter ego takes stage. Pure confidence and comfortability in myself and my gifts overpower every other emotion. My focus is to not only be able to share that with others but to empower others to have that same confidence and comfort in their own passions.


Companies I've Worked With

The following are companies for which Leaux Vi has been a model, creative director, and/or has done marketing for.

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