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From Vision to Reality: Crafting Success 2024 & Beyond

New Year, New Leaux Vi! As we stride into 2024, embracing every opportunity, blessing, and lesson that lies ahead, it's more than just a change on the calendar; it's a fresh start for our business. Unlike the common January 1st plunge, our business new year ignites in December, a month dedicated to meticulous planning and mental preparation, setting the stage for the brand's elevation.

To lay the groundwork for a successful year, we firmly believe that success is born at the intersection of planning and preparation. This translates to looking 60-90 days ahead in the business realm. While advanced planning might seem challenging for a newer business, we've found a sweet spot with a two-month pre-schedule. Crafting content for January in November and February's content in December allows for a structured guide, ensuring authenticity while staying aligned with our overarching goals and plans.

In addition to planning and curating content months in advance, we host a vision board party each year. Our founder, Lauryn Victoria, is a very visual learner. To prepare for the year ahead, she creates a Vision Board—a collage of images and words used as a visualization tool for goals/dreams—to manifest the woman she wants to be and the brand she envisions for the new year.

A collage of images to manifest future accomplishments.
2024 Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board is challenging without having thought about goals. Here are some of our Do’s and Don’ts we're sticking to to set goals that will, in turn, elevate our brand within the new year:

Do: Audit Your Current Brand

Figure out the different aspects of your business you want to delve deeper into this new year. This includes action items that worked, those you want to start, and those that need to end.

Don't: Stick to the Status Quo

In an often-saturated market, your brand needs to find ways to stand out and differentiate itself from the competition. This can be achieved by embracing its uniqueness—from ideas to personal experiences and vision. In addition, utilizing distinct images, colors, and brand language sets businesses apart in a sea of similarity.

Do: Stay Consistent

Consistency is key to building a successful brand. From social media presence to marketing campaigns, maintaining a consistent identity is crucial. While brand growth takes time, it’s the unwavering consistency that leads to real, sustainable growth.

Don't: Play With Your Potential

Every conversation, platform, and opportunity is a chance to share your brand story. When networking, it is essential to seize the moment and express our business experience. Networking isn’t just about exchanging business cards; it’s about building relationships with industry professionals and peers. Collaborating with others can open doors to new audiences and possibilities that might not have been considered.

Do: Use Your Resources

It's okay not to know or understand everything. There are experts and specialists knowledgeable and experienced in branding, social media, marketing, advertising, communications, and more—including the team here! Take that leap of faith and begin to build your team of professionals.

As the clock ticks into the new year, we encourage you all to not only celebrate the date change but to also celebrate the accomplishments ahead as a result of preplanning, being consistent, and utilizing your community. 2024 is the year to bring your vision to reality with Leaux Vi. Ready to join us on this journey? Apply to work with Leaux Vi Studios here.

Love & Light,

Leaux Vi Team

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