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Preparing for a Photoshoot

The visuals are going to do it for me every single time. However, when preparing for a photoshoot; there is so much more that goes into creating “pretty pictures”. Knowing how to prepare for a photoshoot and staying organized within your team is just as essential as the project's outcome. To make your next photo or video shoot a success, we have created a Photoshoot Checklist that you are able to download and fill out virtually or print.

Photoshoot Checklist
Download PDF • 49KB

The intention of this document is to be filled out and utilized by the shoot manager/creative director or the project’s lead. This checklist will help keep track of important details of the shoot, “Need to Know” information, the team, and a checklist in preparation for shoot day. This checklist is not meant to be an “end all be all” for photoshoots but a great starting point to get and stay organized when preparing for a photoshoot. The needs of each photoshoot are solely based on the nature of each client, brand, and vision. You can always email the team at to inquire about photo/video shoot planning along with creative direction as a service for your next project.

Happy Shooting!

Love & Light,

The Leaux Vi Team

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