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The Intreaux

Never in my life did I see myself as an entrepreneur. The number of hours, after hours, and before hours that have to be put in never appealed to me. I’ve always been Lauryn “keep-a-job” Victoria, having multiple part-time jobs at once; shout out to all the sales associates, sports referees, and restaurant hostesses! I’ve even had part-time jobs while also having a full-time job. Tech girl by day and volleyball coach by night, but those long hours running from job to job all over the city simply did not excite me. In my head, it was always just a means to an end. I only felt the need to work those jobs so I’d have enough money to spend how I wanted to spend it when I wanted to spend it. Simple as that!

Eventually, as time went on, I found myself constantly having and maintaining more than one job at a time, and honestly, in this economy, can you blame me?! One full-time job, one part-time job, and a passion project that will become my full-time and only job. God willing! I currently work in tech as my 9 to 5 and coach volleyball from 5 to 9. Aside from all of that…every weekend, hour and minute in between, my day consists of scheduling meetings with brands, auditing websites, arriving at fittings with fashions designers, creating marketing strategies for new product launches, modeling for makeup classes, preparing for fashion shows, and creating content for clients; every weekend, hour and minute in between, I am building my branding empire one day at a time.

It may sound like a lot because it is. And frankly, it does get overwhelming. Especially being a Type A person. I live and breathe by my planner! I thank my hyper-organized mother daily for instilling in me the importance of organization and time management. Despite all of that, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have learned so much about the fashion, beauty, and business industries just by betting on me and putting myself out there. Gratefully, I have a solid support system that speaks life and encourages me along the way. In turn, it has allowed me the opportunity to not only be a featured model on television once, but twice! I have also had the opportunity to attend NYFW with a front-row seat, be published on several e-commerce sites, create meaningful and lasting connections with well-known and respected beauty professionals, and start my own business helping fashion, beauty, and wellness brands achieve their branding and marketing goals.

Growing up reserved, my talents have always spoken for themselves, and it has gotten me pretty far. But, within the last year or so, I’ve noticed that there is such a thing as being too humble. I have vowed to no longer get in my own way. With this blog, I am going to share the “High and Leaux” of being a model and branding specialist through educational posts, the templates I use for clients, tips, and advice for other creatives to learn from as well as personal diary entries for a look into my personal experience as a model and brand manager.

I have always been passionate about art, modeling, and fashion since I can remember. As the years have passed, my passions have grown to also include a love for all things beauty, wellness, and the marketing behind them all. If this sounds like you, or if you are just interested and need a little motivation to pursue your dreams, I invite you and encourage you to take on this journey with me. Until next time…

Light & Love,

Lauryn Victoria

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